Founded in 2004, STRATEX is the flagship of Cameroon’s plastic products manufacturing industry. Today, our product diversity makes STRATEX one of the largest manufacturers of plastic products in Cameroon. More than 800 products result from many years of experience in the production of plastic products.

We offer both consumer products and customized products on request. We are always a step ahead of our competitors because of our constant innovations and the search for market-oriented solutions.

Environmental and environmental issues are at the center of our concerns. We are upgrading our production waste and since 2016 we have been engaged in a process of compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001-2015.


STRATEX has a machine park of more than 50 injection presses (50 to 1850 tons)

  • Molding capacity : up to 10 kg
  • Molded materials : PP, PE, PVC, PS, ABS, SAN, PET, PC, PMMA et PET.


STRATEX offers a complete rang of pipes, PVC profiles and electrical conduits.

  • Extruded PVC pipes: from 16 to 630 mm
  • Electrical conduits from 9 to 80 mm
  • Extruded materials: PVC, PP, PE


STRATEX offers a complete range of bottles, bottles, cans, bottles.

  • Capacity of blown containers: 0.1 to 25 liters
  • Blown material: PET, PE, PMMA


STRATEX offers a full range of plastic bags and bags

  • Films up to 1.50 meters wide.
  • Films with thickness from 10 to 200 μm.
Usine: Bwadibo-Douala (Ancienne route Douala-Nkonsamba)