POLYANE “STRATEX” is a low density polyethylene film used as a general and light protection for finishing work. It is both resistant and economical. Available in thicknesses from 62 microns to 200 microns and in rolls of 20kg and 40kg, Available in transparent color and other colors on request.

  • Floor protection
  • Wall protection
  • Woodwork protection
  • Glazing protection
  • Sealing under slab
  • Underwater sealing
  • Various tarpaulin
  • Field protection against ultraviolet rays
  • POLYANE WL.1MxLONG.1MxEp.100Mμx20kg: Length: 111.11m; deployed width: 2m; S: 222sqm; 180g / m
  • POLYANE WL.1MxLONG.1MxEp.150Mμx20kg: Length: 74.07m; deployed width: 2m; S: 148sqm; 270g / m
  • POLYANE WIDE.1MxLONG.1MxEp.200Mμx20kg: Length: 55.56m; deployed width: 2m; S: 111sqm; 360g /m
  • POLYANE WL.1MxLong.1.5MxEp.100Mμx20kg: Length: 74.07m; deployed width: 3m; S: 222sqm; 270g / m
  • POLYANE WL.1MxLong.1,5MxEp.150Mμx20kg: Length: 49.38m; deployed width: 3m; S: 148sqm; 405g / m
  • POLYANE WL.1MxLong.1.5MxEp.200Mμx20kg: Length: 37.04m; deployed width: 3m; S: 111sqm; 540g / m
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