The “STRATEX” Taloches with handle are made from ABS to crush, smooth and even coat plasters, lime, earth and cement. Color available: Black

    • Smoothing of coatings
    • Uniformisation of the crepissage
    • ST01076: TALOCHE 20X12: Long 200xlarg120mm
    • ST01197: TALOCHE 34X23: Long 340xlarg 230mm
    • ST01196: TALOCHE 42X26: Long 420xlarg 260mm
    • ST01199: TALOCHE POINTUE 27/18: Long 270xlarg 180mm
    Head office
    333, Boulevard de l’Ocam BP : 213 Yaounde, Cameroon
    Factory and Commercial Department
    Bwadibo-Douala (Ancienne route Douala-Nkonsamba)