Manufactured from acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, the modular built-in cabinets are intended for internal use in the home environment. They are designed to accommodate all modular devices with standard heights. Model available: Transparent door (Visio) and opaque door.

    • Electric
    • ST01398: MODULAR BOX RECESSED 12 MODULES: Width.210xH298xP95 (mm)
    • ST01399: MODULAR BOX RECESSED 24 MODULES: Larg.300xH332xP93 (mm)
    • ST01400: MODULAR BOX RECESSED 36 MODULES: width.298xH450xP108 (mm)
    • ST01397: MODULAR BOX INSERTED 8 MODULES: Width.218xH278xP90 (mm)
    • ST01080: MODULAR BOX INSULATED VISIO 12 MODULES: Width.218xH278xP90 (mm)
    • ST01081: MODULAR BOX INSULATED VISIO 24 MODULES: Larg.300xH350xP90 (mm)
    • ST01077: VISIO MODULAR INSULATOR BOX 3 MODULES: Larg.95xH148xP90 (mm)
    • ST01078: MODULAR BOX INSULATED VISIO 4 MODULES: Width.135xH222xP90 (mm)
    • ST01079: MODULAR BOX INSULATED VISIO 8 MODULES: Width.208xH222xP90 (mm)
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